Discover our serious games projects


R.O.G.E.R, developed in collaboration with renowned neuro psychologists, is 3D simulation designed to help medical practitioners diagnose brain-damaged patients.


In Algo-Bot, you’re an engineer controlling a little robot in a nuclear facility. Your task is to use semantic code instructions to order the robot to clean-up toxic waste.

Pro Train Driver 3D

Pro Train Driver is a real-time realistic 3D train driving simulation controlled with real-life hardware and used as front end for train engine simulations.

Le Pass Sport

Le Pass Sport was made to make children aware that science is present everywhere, even in sports. 3 mini games to learn that applied physics can be fun.

Master F.I.N.D

Master F.I.N.D is an investigation game to educate teenagers about what can happen on social networks and the consequences that could result of their actions.


Year 1815, many battles rage across Europe and losses on each side, are inevitable. Play in the heart of history and become a hero of the battle of Waterloo !


Lazarus-Mirages is a transmedia game about reason and skeptical thinking. Enter the mystic world of Lazarus and resolve its riddles.


Sit 4 players on a Microsoft's Surface table and let them duel and discover dinner services through centuries (exhibition).


In this application, you will discover the future of Russia's IT, Telecommunications, R&D...

Mundaneum (Renaissance 2.0)

Mundaneum « Renaissance 2.0 » is a compelling serious game developed for the Mundaneum to gamify the exhibition's visit.

Festival Via

A Social Gaming experience mixing both Kinect and giant screens. The event took place in of Mons during the Via Festival.

The Road to EU

Discover The Road to EU, a 3 mini-games program presenting EU milestones in a playful and interactive fashion using Microsoft's Kinect.

Game to Cure

Game to Cure is a physio game prototype which analyses your patient's moves with Kinect.


Build your town, comply with governing State laws and learn the multiple concepts behind « Democracy ».

Innovation Union Lab

In Innovation Union Lab, you are made aware of innovations promoted amongst EU by collecting colored technological spheres.