Mundaneum « Renaissance 2.0 » is a compelling game developed upon the exhibition by the same name. One will get to discover the hypertext "idea men" Paul Otlet and Henri La Fontaine, through several playable levels.

With the game device (Android tablet) between your hands, you'll realize where you stand amid the ongoing numerical revolution.

As a user, you'll be provided with information hither and thither so that you better understand the exhibition.

This project allows to introduce in an entertaining fashion the history of the Internet.

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Game details

  • Discover Renaissance 2.0 exhibition
  • Show off your skills to end levels
  • Learn about Internet beginnings
  • An Android based experience designed with a kids audience in mind

Internet at your fingertips

Roll through 6 levels and discover internet beginnings.

Break the ice

As you flow through levels, glass steel rise on your path, giving you extra information about Internet pioneers.