Pro-train driver 3D is a real-time, hardware-controlled front end realistic train driving simulator created to support train engine testing in controlled environment laboratories.

Developed hand in hand with the rails division of Multitel, it is the most performing and realistic 3D simulator available on the market with such precise controls.

Pro-Train Driver 3D is intended to be a companion sim to provide a more realistic visual representation when paired with the real train driving hardware developed by Multitel (Test bench, DCIM, DMI control).


  • Realistic 3D train simulation
  • Certified train signals and tracks
  • Stunning realistic 3D visuals
  • Weather conditions (rain, fog)
  • Deeper immersion with VR headset

VR headset

As an option, trainees and testers can use a VR headset to immerse themselves even more and reproduce with fidelity all driver’s perceptions.

Real-life conditions

Our serious game is able to simulate various weather conditions such as rain, storm, fog. It controls speed, brakes, altitude and slopes. Stations, trains, signals and tracks are realistically rendered in the simulation and are based on real life photos and are certified to be used in professional tests and train driving simulations.