Do you like robots, especially cute ones? Are you interested in programming? Then you’re gonna love our innovative Algo-Bot, a neat serious game we developed in collaboration with Technobel. You guide a small robot sorting out radioactive waste, and to control it, you’ll need to learn som programming fundamentals: algorithms, logical loops, variables, functions. Don’t worry though, you’re not alone in this unwelcoming environment. Tina and Mr. Klein, your mentors, will help you through it. And you will have time to learn the basics before getting into more complex code...

Algo-Bot proudly supported by EU funds

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Projects features

  • Learn basic programming (algorithms, functions, logical loop, variables)
  • Several challenges
  • Fun and clever
  • Let yourself guide by Tina and M. Klein
  • Shimmering visual effects and full 3D animated environment
  • Progressive difficulty curve

Your best friend

When you'll get stuck in a place where you won't be able to reach out this very precise element, you'll be happy to count on this good old clap friend.

The main character

In this game you'll embody this blue robot, supported by it's Clap buddy. Guide him through crazy programming puzzles.