To produce R.O.G.E.R, a therapeutic serious game, Fishing Cactus worked hand in glove with two neuro psychologists from the Erasme hospital in Brussels as well as Microsoft and Solidaris.

The software actually backs neuro practitionners while assessing cognitive deficient patients. It operates on PC or Xbox 360 through Microsoft Kinect, displaying a full 3D environment during the test: it consists of a test taking place in a virtual world where the patient has to pack a piece of luggage with a list of pre-determined belongings.

The neuro psychologist can precisely observe the patient’s reactions while he performs the virtual tasks, helping with the diagnosis.

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Projects features

  • Developed in collaboration with neuro psychologists from Erasme hospital
  • Cost-effective: operates on a standard PC or Xbox 360 through Kinect
  • Easy to use with Kinect device
  • Easy and cost effective set-up (less than 250€ per station)
  • Full 3D environment


Pick up your travel necessities without getting confused.

Pay attention

Don't let yourself get disturbed by disruptive devices appearing in red on the screen.