Alimentarium is a multiplayer game developed for the permanent exhibition of the Alimentarium, the food museum.

The game helps you discover dinner services through centuries from the luxurious and formal service “à la française” in the 17th and 18th century to the service “à la russe” in the 19th and early 20th century when dinner rooms became less formal but not less luxurious. Finally, you’ll enter the 20th century in which your daily activities rule the way you eat. The dinner services in place become more flexible with time and form to completely disappear in our modern society.

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Projects features

  • Still life paintings’ analysis
  • Discovery of the dinner services through centuries
  • Compose dishes in the right order to win against the other players
  • Multiplayer game

Multiplayer on tactile table

The game invites four players to take place at a tactile table and bring dishes belonging to the right service as fast as possible in accordance to the right century.

Still life paintings’ analysis

Still life paintings give information to the player about the services « à la française » and « à la russe » but also about the disappearance of the table and the modern ways of consuming.