Natural interface, port, native multi-platforms (iOS, Android, PC, Mac, Linux, Xbox, PSN, Xbox LIVE, Nintendo Wii and 3DS)…

If a game project seems too spiny, you probably hit the wrong cactus. Fishing Cactus is your one stop shop for any serious gaming needs.

We have released over 50 titles since we started entertaining people. With 30 brains fishing for ideas, we create compelling quality games, Serious Games and Advergames at the cutting edge of technology, focusing on multiplatform mobile development (IOS, Android, Win8 Phone, PC, Mac & Tablets) we are experts in the digital distribution model and new technologies such as Kinect.

We are experts in helping you build rich interactions between your brand and its target group. . We are leader in serious games and modern technology implementation (medical and industrial fields). As video game specialists, we master the different steps of game development: scenario, level design, animation, 2D or 3D art and of course programming... Which allows us to deliver you a unprecedented gaming experience . Furthermore the company is specialized in multi-platforms development.

For years, Fishing Cactus has worked ceaselessly on improving its competences in serious gaming area. In fact, since we released our first game introducing touchscreen interface - Expli-city - several projects have followed, bringing cutting-edge technologies to serious gaming.


Whether you would like to have your serious game on your smartphone (iPhone, Android...), your tablet (iPad, Android), computer (PC or Mac, Web) even home console (Xbox + Kinect, PS3 + Sony PS Move, Wii, XBLA, WiiWare, DSiWare, PSN) we can develop on any of the aforementioned devices.

Programing languages

At Fishing, we are polyglot in computing. In fact, we program in C, C#, C++, LUA, PHP, which are our runtime languages. We are also used to work with SCORM and e-Learning platforms.
We have pioneered as to introduce the Kinect technology device in serious game. Therefore we master this technology and can implement it in your future software if you want to take advantage of it.

Fishing Cactus would not be the same without its own engine, Mojito. If you want to go into the details of this marvellous tool, ask our programing professionals.