Lazarus-Mirages is a Flash game linked to the MIRAGES project: a transmedia (tv, web, game, social networks, blog) about reason and skeptical thinking produced by BlackMoon Productions. Faithfull to the project, the game uses the characters and places created for the MIRAGES project as the basis for its design.

Each part of the game refers to a specific character that the player must discover through investigation. Each character represents a part of the personality of Lazarus, as if he was the assembly of all these people. The overall aim of the game is to discover all characters to finally reveal the identity of the anonymous skeptical thinker associated to the MIRAGES project.

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Projects features

  • Transmedia experience
  • Initiation to the skeptical thinking
  • Puzzle solving
  • Deduction via objects
  • Historical characters discovery

The structure

The different parts of the game have the same basic structure: navigation between different views using the mouse with a specific puzzle for each game session.

The puzzles

The puzzles are specific and unique sequences of interactions for each room. Solving a puzzle opens the passage to the next stage which gives access to the new room.