In “serious game”, there’s the word “game”. At Fishing Cactus we engineer fun. We strive to challenge the way you consider serious games. In fact, we strongly believe that serious games are a new form of training, a Generation Y approach to training, based on gamification, constant interactivity and fun.

Serious games are designed to train in an entertaining way, leading the user to retain a maximum of information during repeated sessions without the genuine off-putting reaction of more traditional training methods.

Nowadays serious games are often stuck within a flawed canvas, following the footsteps of university ex-cathedra classes or e-learning, which is nothing if not a classical method. Therefore we find opportune to give this medium a second wind, to render it more immersive, closer to the user while renewing the vision and mechanics behind it.

Gaming is currently moving well beyond traditional conceptions, ushered in a new era mixing social elements and challenges. As Joseph Huizinga wrote it in Homo Ludens: ”Game is part of culture development.” This culture is also yours, no matter how corporate you may have turned along the way.

We certainly don’t claim our serious games will fully teach your employees everything they need to know but they prove to be cost-effective ways to put new staff in front of practical situations through which they will learn more, better and faster than through other methods, and without ever feeling bored or un-challenged; which affects productivity ;-)

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