Can you give facts and details about Europe History? Feel a bit helpless when you're asked this question? Or just feel like testing your knowledge about Europe?

The Road to EU powered by Mostra aims at teaching milestones of the European Union History, taking you through 3 different games: gaming interaction, quiz and cast a vote.

The games features a scenic integration blending with Kinect technology. The vote game can be played multiplayer.

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Game details

  • Test your knowledge of EU in a playful manner
  • Brush up the historical milestones of EU
  • Interact through Kinect
  • Learn how to contribute as a euro-citizen
  • 3 mini games each containing several levels

Let's paint the town green

It is about time to take a stand, preserve nature by saving energy, insulate your premises, sort your garbage.

Lower your carbon footprint

Lower your carbon footprint by taking the public transportations, riding your bike or driving a zero carbon emission electric car.

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