Master F.I.N.D is a serious game based on the analyse of actions you take on social networks and the consequences that could result of them. With this game, Child Focus wants the player to think about the notion of private life on the internet, the importance of not publishing too much personal information, having a good password, knowing your virtual friends in real life , thinking before publishing and much more !

The player will become a web expert by fighting cybercriminality ! He'll have to run an investigation and solve a lot of missions to save the private life of the internet users !

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Case study

Projects features

  • Thought on the notion of privacy
  • The importance of a good password
  • Learn to choose your virtual friends
  • Think before publishing

Analyze clues

Analyze clues and use your high tech superpowers to bring back peace to the network.

Become the Master F.I.N.D

Join a group of web-detectives, get high scores to surpass the others and become the Master F.I.N.D