Every year the Via festival is held in Mons. It is organized by le Manège.

On this very special occasion, the digital pole represented by Microsoft Innovation Center, Black Moon Productions, Numédiart, Technocité and Fishing Cactus, joint the heady experience of social gaming.

Last year, we introduced two funny games which gave people the possibility to discuss, get to know each other and in a nutshell: socialize.

The game were hosted on the Grand Place of Mons on giant screens. The games were to be played collaboratively by two people using Kinect technology.

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Project features

  • an excellent time to play all together
  • discover the world of interactive games
  • be part of a cultural and fun festival
  • giant screens and kinect what else?

Playing is good

Game is part of every human beings life. One remembers something well when learned through the joy of game. It is common knowledge that our very first experience are made while playing.

The more, the merrier

During the Via festival, the focus is set on the multiplayer experience or social gaming. Do not miss the occasion of making new acquaintances and network with a game.